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Our 100 level program guides beginner and advanced beginner students ages 5-15 through a series of progressive projects emphasizing skills building, practice, and self expression. Projects are adapted to challenge students of various skill levels so everyone can work comfortably at their own pace.


Taking new enrollments through February 2nd



200 Level Fashion Sewing


Take your sewing to the next level with wearable, modern Fashion Kit projects. Students learn professional industry practices and techniques in a structured, instructor led, small group setting. 4th graders and up with a solid sewing foundation, the ability to thread their own sewing machine, keep an even seam allowance, and follow more complex instructions are encouraged to enroll.


200 level courses go step by step through one project at a time giving students a thorough understanding of each technique and skill. Chosen projects introduce fundamental concepts important for a successful journey in Fashion Club. Each course offers a set of patterns to work with that cover certain skills. Everyone works on the same project for the first half of the course, then they get a choice for their second project.

Students start the course by sketching their garments and designing their outfits. Then they all make the first garment together learning stp by step how to use Fashion Kit patterns and digital instructions. For the second project students work more independently practicing the skills they learned in the first half of the course.

If you like a structured class or need to build your skills for Fashion Club, these courses are for you!