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Ears & Tails Halloween Workshop


$40 | 2.5hrs
October 14 | 1-3:30pm

Thinking of a costume of the furry mammal persuasion?

This workshop is not to be missed! Cat, dog, rabbit, fox, monkey, zebra, lemur, red panda, opossum, muskrat, etc. Natural color or more fantastic. Perhaps an animal from your imagination? Let’s get wild!

Kids 5 years old craft whimsical projects in the spirit of Halloween. We'll use all kinds of super fun materials, techniques and yes...the sewing machine! craft cool costume accessories and other fun stuff.

Parents or caregivers of children under 7 are welcome to attend for all or part of the workshop for FREE. Often for the littlest ones a familiar grown up can be a comfort in a workshop environment. Plus...its just fun to create together!

 Parents who are attending need only register the child.  

 Bring a snack and water bottle!

 Experience level: None or lots…Let’s have fun!