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$125 = 4 consecutive weeks
(8 class credits) (approx $15/hr)
Set up as auto pay, cancel anytime!

$295 = 12 consecutive weeks
(24 class credits) (Approx $12.50/hr)
Save 20%, No recurring payment

Materials & Supplies

  • When you purchase a subscription your Seamsters Local booking account is automatically credited 2 class credits for each week in your subscription. (In general, 1 credit = 1 class hour)

  • You can then use those credits to sign up for 4 or 12 consecutive weeks of Fashion Club on either Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. This is your scheduled day.

  • You will be guaranteed a spot on your scheduled day for the duration of your subscription. You may change your scheduled day as long as there is space.

  • Drop-in to any other FC that is not your assigned day. No need to pre-register!

  • Attend FC up to 4 hours per week. Additional credits may be purchased for $18 each.

  • Start and finish any time within each 2 hour period.

  • Fashion Club credits are transferable to other 200 Level classes, workshops, and events.

    • For example: If you buy a 12 week subscription (24 credits) and decide you would like to try the structured Newport Jacket class for 7 weeks (14 credits) you can use 14 credits for that class AND keep 2 hours per week you can drop in to FC.

Although Fashion Club is not a structured class our seasoned instructors are on hand every step of the way for guidance on choosing fabrics, garment construction, and understanding new techniques. Young designers entering Fashion Club will already have a pretty high level of experience but the idea behind Fashion Club is to give students the creative space to push their sewing and design skills toward mastery! As our students progress toward college we will add master and portfolio classes for those who are applying to design schools.


  • reading and transferring patterns

  • following pattern instructions

  • using the sewing and serger machines proficiently

  • garment construction using industry techniques

  • design principles and fashion illustration

  • fabric construction, properties, and how to use them

  • introduction to draping