Intro To Fashion Sewing (ITFS) is a beginner course for students age 10-17 who are new to machine sewing or have some experience but may be new to garment sewing. We walk you step by step through two fun, customizable projects, introducing you to fundamental sewing skills and garment construction techniques.

ITFS prepares you to begin using patterns and tutorials independently plus…in this 15 hour summer version you get the opportunity to dig deeper into planning and designing your projects, rendering them uniquely yours! During class students make the Shopper Tote and Sunday Shorts by Fashion Kit Patterns learn how to operate the sewing and serger machines, safely use the iron, sketch and illustrate designs, and much much more! Sneek peek…

What you'll learn

  • Threading and safe use of the sewing machine

  • Fabric composition and properties | Choosing the right fabric for your project

  • Interfacing and why we use it

  • Reading instructions and laying out patterns

  • Preparing and cutting garment pieces. Proper pinning

  • Lined bag construction

  • Taking body measurements for fit

  • Basic pant construction, Hemming

  • proper use of the iron and serger machine

What's included

  • Premium apparel fabric and materials

  • 2 Fashion Kit patterns + digital instructions

  • Dedicated station for the week

  • Eversewn Sparrow 25 or 30 sewing machine

  • Cutting tables, tools and notions

What's in store

Below is a general outline of what’s in store each day. Keep in mind students work more or less at their own pace and some may finish projects sooner than others. Students may move on to another skill level appropriate project once the finish the core curriculum.


  • Introduction to fabrics, hardware, styling, and creative self expression.

  • Swatch fabrics, gather trims, sketch ideas, build a visual representation of your mini collection.

  • Cut, lay out, and pin the Shopper Tote pattern and prepare your project for sewing!


  • Review of studio safety

  • Intro to to the sewing machine, how to set it up, and sewing machine safety

  • Practicing sewing and threading the machine

  • Learn the importance of keeping an even seam allowance and tips to stay on track

  • Sew the majority of your Shopper Tote and learn how to use the iron


  • How to turn a fully lined project

  • Top stitching, specialty presser feet, tips for getting a professional finish

  • Intro to serger machine. Practice steady control of the pedal.

  • Taking body measurements, determining size and fit according to pattern instructions

  • Layout and cut the Sunday Shorts


  • Finish cutting shorts, construct pockets (optional), add trims, etc

  • How to sew a U-seam, create a hem, create a casing and insert a drawstring

  • Try out the grommet press

  • Introduction to Fashion Kit video instructions.


  • Finish up shorts

  • Have fun with your friends and your makes in our fashionista photo booth!

Additional Information

Doors open at 8:45 for morning session and 12:45 for afternoon session. It’s up to the discretion of the instructor whether or not students can come earlier. Please let us know if you have a special circumstance and we may be able to accomodate you.

Please provide a snack (or money to run out for a snack) and a water bottle. We do keep some snacks on hand. We have a water cooler but encourage students to bring a water bottle to reduce paper cup waste.

ITFS is a prerequisite for all other studio apprentice level courses. Upon completion of the course students may move on to other Fashion Kit Patterns projects in subsequent weeks of camp OR will be eligible to take apprentice level courses in the fall. We will guide you to the right next step in the program should you choose to continue any time in the future.

A note about safety. We are very careful with all students and we consistently review the safety rules in class, but sometimes accidents still happen.  They are working with pins, needles, scissors and occasionally a hot iron (T(w)eens only with supervision). We keep a first aid kit handy and go over studio safety at the start of every session.

Make-up policy

We do not give refunds for missed classes and we do not pro-rate missed days of a multi-day or week course.

Our teen courses are sequence based therefore we can not accommodate make-ups in the case of absence. However we do understand things happen! In case of absence due to unforeseen circumstances you have the following options:

  • Mini-Lesson - We may be able to schedule or fit in a "mini-lesson" to review the concepts needed to catch up at home or during an open studio time.  

  • Private Lesson - You can take a private lesson to get you caught up at  50% discount ($30/hr)

  • Instructor catches up your project - If it's too challenging to fit a makeup class into your schedule and ours, Seamsters Local staff will work on your student's project to catch them up on the missed class so they can participate successfully in the next scheduled class. There is no charge for instructor catch up.