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We're a creative studio dedicated to
making sewing cool again.


Welcome to Seamsters Local


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Sewing Foundations (Kids age 6-10)

Sewing Foundations is great for beinners and improvers age 6-10 who are eager to get creative with FUN projects ranging from stuffies, to bags, to quilts, simple garments and more. Project based classes, camps, and workshops teach students to properly and safely hand and machine sew while designing and making items they enjoy.

Fashion Studio (Tweens + Teens)

Fashion Studio for beginner to advanced tweens and teens age 11-17 emphasizes garment sewing fundamentals while encouraging creative risk taking in a fun, laid-back environment. Students learn professional industry techniques on professional equipment right from the start. Our three level approach allows us to meet students where they're at and help them grow from there encouraging self expression along-side skill building.

Adult Sewing

Whether you are just learning, wanting to refresh your memory, or looking to take your skills to the next level we can help you reach your sewing goals starting with a solid foundation! Our beginner sewing bootcamps are designed to pack a lot of information and practice into a short 15 hours so you can get the most value for your time and money. And if you don’t see what your’re looking for we can probably make it happen, Just ask! We are always developing classes and welcome new ideas.

About our program

Welcome to Seamsters Local!

Guitar Band Music School offers comprehensive guitar lessons that start with the fundamentals, including scales, chords, tuning, arpeggios, and rhythm adapted to various skill levels.

Our core philosophy is that the best way for students to gain musical proficiency is through performance-based music education. All of our lessons for guitar students include a performance aspect.


Kids + Teens

Our youth program is designed to teach sewing fundamentals while encouraging creative risk taking in a fun, laid-back environment. Project based classes, camps, and workshops allow students to advance their skills while designing and making items they enjoy. We have two programs for youth: Sewing Foundations for age 6-10 and Fashion Studio for Tweens and Teens age 11-17


Adult Classes + Workshops

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Private Parties + events

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