Sewing Levels

What class should you take? That's an excellent question! Our class descriptions include suggested levels of experience to help you evaluate your sewing experience. We want you to feel challenged yet comfortable in our classes and workshops. Keep in mind this is just a guide. Often students feel more behind than they really are so feel free to contact us with any questions regarding skill level.


Level zero

You have zero experience! Taking our Sewing Machine Basics workshop will get you to the beginner level in just 2.5 hours!

Level 1: beginner

You have used a sewing machine before but need a refresher on threading the machine.  You may have some finished projects but you're not sure about that tension dial thingy and you may need more practice keeping an even seam allowance. have taken our Sewing Machine Basics course but thats about it.

Level 2: intermediate

You can sew straight and curved seems while keeping an even seam allowance. You can thread your own machine, wind a bobbin, and trouble shoot tension issues (with guidance). You have a basic understanding of different fabric types. You have several projects under your belt and you are familiar with using basic patterns. have taken our Adult Beginner Bootcamp or a term of Teen Sewing & Design.

Level 3: Advanced

You have been sewing for a while and are comfortable sewing from patterns.  You have a general understanding of fabric types and composition (including interfacings and how they are used). You can find the grainline.  You have experience using different presser feet, installing zippers, making button holes, sizing patterns, transferring patterns, cutting fabric, and matching pattern pieces...although you could learn more techniques for any or all of the above. You may have worked with knits, used a serger or a cover hem machine and if not you are ready to learn! You can walk into one of our dress workshops and not feel lost but you want your projects to look more consistently professional.


Please note: While we DO expect some younger children and tweens to be at the intermediate or advanced levels, we want to make sure the projects and patterns used at the intermediate level are age (and size) appropriate before they begin. Feel free to contact us regarding age and skill level.