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 Sewing Foundations

Beginners + Improvers Age 5-10


Intimate classes. Friendly instruction. Super fun projects. LOADS of cool fabrics, doo-dads, and whats-a-ma-giggies to create with!


Our Sewing Foundations program for kids in Pre-K through 4th grade is a super fun way to learn hand and machine sewing. Warm, encouraging instructors, cool modern projects, and a relaxed, inspiring environment keep students engaged while learning how to properly and safely use the sewing machine.

Mini Makers (Pre-K), Super Seamsters (Grades K-2), and Daring Designers (Grades 3-5) get creative with FUN projects ranging from stuffies, to bags, to quilts, simple garments and more. All Foundation programs are suitable for beginners and improvers.



  • Basic sewing machine usage + safety, as well as hand sewing where appropriate.

  • Following basic sewing patterns and instructions

  • Improving fine motor skills such as pinning, cutting fabric, keeping an even seam allowance, etc.

  • Completion of sewing projects including things like stuffed animals, accessories, quilts, simple garments, toys, bags, and more!

  • Fostering independence, proficiency, and confidence in machine sewing and project construction.

  • Creativity in project design.


Mini Makers


Textures and colors and shapes OH MY! This intro to fabric arts is a hands on creative experience your child will be jazzed about! With lots of encouragement and room to explore, even the youngest seamsters can learn to sew. You’ll be amazed at what they can do!


Super Seamsters

Grades K-2

Work with patterns, choose fabulous fabrics, and use the sewing machine to pull it all together! Super Seamsters learn life long skills that encourage creative self expression. Make new friends, make cool stuff, and build a solid sewing foundation.


Grades 3-5
Daring Designers

Take a walk on the wild side! Put your sewing skills to the test with interesting projects and plenty of opportunities for creative risk taking. Design and create your own stuffed BFF from scratch. Start sewing simple garments and find your personal style!


Many ways to join the fun!

Multi-week classes

Multi-week classes take beginners and improvers through a series of progressive projects that build upon the skills introduced each week. This is a great way to prepare young seamsters for independent sewing at home or for upper level courses in sewing and design. Classes focus on hand and machine sewing, project construction, following instructions, and fine motor skills with plenty of room for creative risk taking!

  • Typical milti-week classes run weekly for one hour over 8-10 weeks

  • Total of 8-10 hours of class time.

  • Fall, winter, and spring semesters.

  • Students can continue in the same class for consecutive terms. More advanced students will be given more challenging work.

School Vacation and Summer Camps

School vacation and summer camps are immersive creative experiences where kids can explore their maker spirit in a laid back, friendly, encouraging environment. Our themes and projects give structure and teach important skills while allowing for campers to run with their creativity. Camps are a condensed format over 1 week offering larger chunks of time for students to get lost in a project. Great for kids who welcome a respite from quick transitions during the school year.

  • Camps are 5 days, Monday through Friday for 3 hours per day

  • Morning and afternoon sessions

  • Total of 15 hours of class time.

  • Vacation camps run winter and spring breaks following the Marblehead Public School District Calendar. We may offer special week long programming for private school vacation week. Check our schedule or contact us to put together your own group!

  • Summer camps run all summer for 9-10 weeks.


Workshops are specific events or short courses, held throughout the year, featuring fresh interesting projects, holiday favorites, or specific skills and concentrations. Everyone walks away with a finished project and has fun making it! Workshops are a fantastic way to try our program before signing up for a multi-week class or week long camp. Have an idea you think would make a fun workshop? Let us know!

  • Workshops typically run for 2-4 hours

  • Multi-day workshops may run for 4-8 hours broken up over 2-3 days.

No experience necessary! Our classes are designed to continually teach proper sewing and construction technique to all young seamsters no matter where they are starting off

Sewing Foundations

Classes, camps, and workshops for children ages 5 to 10 years old 



Mini Makers

Pre-K . Age 4-5

Playful sewn craft projects incorporate lessons in hand sewing, weaving, and fiber arts using embroidery thread, yarn, fabric & other related items. Small, intimate classes allow for extra support with fine motor skills. Even limited (and highly supervised) machine sewing is introduced! Projects include things like toys, accessories, wearable items, stuffies, capes, masks, wall hangings, bags, and more.

Saturdays, 10-11 am | 8 weeks + 1 makeup $175 (Starts 10/5)


Super Seamsters

(Grades K-1-2)

SEWING MADE FUN!  Beginners and improvers explore various sewing techniques through unique projects using interesting materials, hand and machine sewing, and lots of imagination! Classes emphasize planning, developing fine motor skills, design, and self expression. You'll be amazed at what your child can do! Projects may include stuffed animals, toys, bags, applique, fashion accessories, quilting, and more. No experience necessary!

Tuesdays, 3-4 pm | 10 weeks + 1 make-up | $235 (Starts 10/8)
Thursdays, 4-5 pm | 10 weeks + 1 make-up | $235 (Starts 9/26)
Saturdays, 11 am-12 pm | 11 weeks + 1 make-up | $255 (Starts 9/28)


Daring Designers

(Grades 3-5)

Daring Designers tackle a broad spectrum of creative sewing projects that build in complexity throughout the course. Students are introduced to basic sewing patterns and how to use them through projects emphasizing planning, preparation, project construction, and sewing technique. Young designers to begin to feel more confident taking creative risks as they gain proficiency in all areas of sewing. Projects are adapted to challenge each student at their skill level and may include stuffed animals, bags, pillows, simple garments, fashion accessories, quilting, and more. No experience necessary!

Tuesdays, 4-5 pm | 10 weeks + 1 make-up | $235 (Starts 10/8)
Thursdays, 3-4 pm | 10 weeks + 1 make-up | $235 (Starts 9/26)
Saturdays, 12:30-1:30 pm | 11 weeks + 1 make-up | $255 (Starts 9/28)

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