Seamsters Lounge

Hang with us in the studio and work on your sewing projects with other seamsters who love to sew! Work on the projects you don’t have space or equipment to work on at home or catch up on other Seamsters Local class projects.



This isn’t a class, it's a gathering for those who love to sew and a time to practice with a real person on hand to answer questions. The attending instructor can provide light instruction if you get stuck, but for in-depth projects you do not know how to tackle, we suggest you take a private lesson prior to attending Seamsters Lounge.

$20/2 hrs gives you Access to…

  • Our wonderful sewing studio space

  • Any of our sewing, serger, or specialty machines.

  • Use of our sewing tools (scissors, rulers, needles, you name it)

  • Fabric and patterns are for sale in the studio.

  • Feel free to bring any food or drink you’d like.


  • Choose your date/time and sign up online
    **at least 48-hours in advance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Drop-ins are welcome (Classes subject to cancellation, see below)

  • Cost: $20 for 2 hours (We take all forms of payment in the studio)

  • Minimum enrollment: 1

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For your convenience and ours we update the calendar below daily. If a time is canceled it will be at least 24 hours in advance but not more than 48 hours. If a time is still listed as active 24 hours or less before Seamsters Lounge begins you should assume it is running and feel free to drop in!