Seamsters Lounge

Hang with us in the studio and work on your sewing projects with other like-minded folks who love to sew! Work on the projects you didn’t have time to work on at home or catch up on other Seamsters Local class projects. 



This isn’t a class, it's a gathering for those who love to sew. The attending instructor can provide light instruction if you get stuck, but for in-depth projects you do not know how to tackle, we suggest you take a private lesson prior to attending Seamsters Lounge.

$20/2hrs gets you…

  • a sewing machine

  • use of all our wonderful sewing studio space

  • use of all our other sewing tools (scissors, rulers, needles, you name it), patterns, books etc.

  • Fabric is for sale in the studio. 

  • Feel free to bring any food or drink you’d like. 

Seamsters Lounge is FREE for adult students enrolled in any of our on-going 4 or 6-week courses while the class is running and for one month after.

Please note – As with all our classes, if we do not have sufficient enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel the class (with full refunds) with at least 48 hours notice.