I like sewing my own stuff


And I want to do it all the time!  I love shopping for patterns and fabrics. I'm obsessed with discovering super cool styles that no one else has...and making them in fabrics from far off places. My happy place is a colorful haberdashery full of fabrics and trims overwhelming my senses with inspiration. It's just who I am. I've always been this way.

I'm also just a big kid and I have a bunch of them because I love to play, teach them stuff, and explore new things with them. I've always been that way too.

SEw i had an idea...

What if I could still be a designer but also a maker, and a mother, and an entrepreneur, and stay active in the community...all at the same time? A tall order you might say but as it turns out a lot of other people want to sew. And a LOT of people, including myself, are a little fed up with the unnecessary excesses of the mass produced industry of things. 

And...voila...Seamsters Local was born.  A place where people who sew or want to learn can come chill out and make cool stuff! The studio is a cozy sewing haven with cutting tables, and tools, and machines, and fabrics, and trims, and inspiring books and bobbles, and more! You'll want to make time to work on your projects here.

I scour the globe for the best projects, patterns and fabrics to share with you. My classes and workshops are laid back, modern and fun. I encourage the sense of community that has always been a part of the arts in Marblehead. Empowering independence and connectedness in kids and teens and all ages is one of the great benefits of sewing along with others. That's why I chose the name Seamsters Local. Its not just a sewing studio, it's a creative community. All are welcome!!

Your local seamster,

Nyla DuBois