Mobile Sewing

We travel to schools bringing our machines, tools, fabrics, curriculum, and experienced teachers for a fun and different enrichment experience.  Students of all ages and skill levels love our project based classes! Once they realize how easy it is to use the machine the focus turns to planning and executing interesting projects that empower the young maker.


Our tested and well planned curriculum starts out easy and allows students to build upon skills as they go. With each project students practice tracing patterns, following pattern instructions, cutting fabric, hand and machine sewing, drawing, and other sewing related activities. Emphasis is on planning, honing fine motor skills, craftsmanship, and creativity in design where appropriate.

We LOVE to get creative! We welcome the opportunity to spread our love of sewing in interesting ways. We can tailor classes or workshops to augment a school project, theme, or curriculum.

We teach classes for all ages from pre-school to high school. Check out our youth class descriptions for information on what types of programming we offer for each age group.

A few details…
We provide all machines and tools.
Recommended class time is 60-90 minutes.
Projects take anywhere from 1-3 class hours.
Class size: up to 8 students


 Look for our program in your school!

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