Beginner / Intermediate


Students at the apprentice level are able to follow more complex instructions and manipulate materials with increasing accuracy. At this stage in the program we introduce knit fabrics, more complex garments, and specialty machines. We also offer classes in quilting, hand embroidery, and accessories.

Each 7 week course covers a specific garment or concentration in detail. Much like an apprenticeship in a design studio, we take students step by step through one project at a time introducing new techniques and building upon them in subsequent projects.

The combination of laid back atmosphere with structured class pacing is intentionally engineered to encourage frequent questions while affording instructors an opportunity to thoughtfully address them. With everyone working at their own pace yet on the same page, class becomes an engaging, submersive experience where a deeper understanding of the material happens simply by watching peers tackle the same challenges in unique ways.

Who It’s for

Beginners and Improvers in 5th grade (Age 10) and above who are one of the following:

  • new to sewing (complete beginners)

  • have sewing foundation skills but haven’t worked much with garments

  • transitioning from our Foundations Program to Fashion Sewing

Skills Acquired

  • use and mastery of the sewing machine, serger, and associated tools (iron, cutting tools, hand sewing, etc)

  • keeping even seam allowances, sewing accuracy, garment sewing techniques

  • working with patterns, following pattern instructions, attention to detail

  • fitting and measuring

  • materials properties, use and behavior

  • Intro to fashion illustration

  • Intro to styling, merchandising, and other aspects of the garment industry

  • creative risk-taking as skills progress

**All supplies and materials are included in the price of the class. Students recieve a credit to choose their fabrics from the shop at the beginning of the course.



The artisan level of our fashion program offers advanced students flexible, unstructured yet supported time to work on sewing projects of their choice from our library of patterns.

If you have the skills to complete a project from sketch to finished garment on your own at home but value the support and camaraderie offered in the studio setting, then you’re in the right place. We created Fashion Club to support and challenge advanced students who are eager to push the boundaries of their creativity!

Much like a co-working space, Fashion Club members gain shared access to all of the tools and equipment at the studio, with the addition of an instructor on hand for guidance. The schedule is flexible and the cost is significantly reduced as the instruction is much less intensive and materials are supplied by the student or purchased separately from the studio.

Who It’s for

Intermediate / Advanced students in 5th grade (Age 10) and above who:

  • have completed at least 2-3 Apprentice level courses (or equivalent)

  • exhibit a high level of proficiency operating the sewing and serger machines, using patterns, and following printed and digital instructions.

How it works

$125 monthly studio access fee entitles you to 4 hours per week of studio time plus exclusive member benefits including:

  • A reserved sewing station during the Fashion Club session of your choice for up to 2 hours per week

  • Drop-in to other Fashion Club sessions up to an additional 2 hours per week

  • Premium fabric, and materials are available for purchase in studio at a 10% member discount

  • Fashion Kit patterns may be purchased a la carte for $15 each or in a four pattern bundle for $45.

  • Each member receives a sturdy Fashion Kit box to keep their work in and a Fashion Kit seasonal lookbook with on-trend fabric samples and croqui’s for sketching

  • First access to Seamsters Local youth program special events

*Fabric and materials are NOT included in the monthly rate

For a current Fashion Club schedule click here.



Coming Fall 2019!

Our masters level program is intended for teens interested in pursuing a college education or career in the fashion industry.

We work with students to develop portfolio ready projects and collections that showcase individual strengths, talents, and personal style. We help gather resources for special projects and develop or source training in specific areas of interest. If we don’t have the experience we track down someone who does!

Throughout the year we arrange a limited number of exclusive masters level classes, workshops, and guest lectures on fashion industry related topics ranging from portfolio photography to the business of fashion to building a brand. Depending on interest we may offer teen classes in draping, pattern making, and other advanced areas of interest but we encourage teens to check out our adult offerings in advanced garment sewing. Masters level workshops are intended to highlight areas of interest specific to teens and college age students that we do not offer in our other programs.


In addition we offer a summer internship program for high-school and college age students interested in teaching sewing. Summer internships include 10 hours of classroom training and 2 week-long sessions (30 hours) of paid time assisting in the classroom.

With renewed interest in sewing and new studios popping up all over the world our masters level program is a great way to set yourself up to earn extra income in innovative ways through college and beyond!


Students 15 and above are always welcome to join our adult classes, however we believe it is important to give teens an uninhibited space to learn, explore new trends and test limits. Our Fashion Sewing program was intentionally developed with this in mind, providing adolescents with a safe, healthy, inspiring, community based creative outlet where they can feel at home.


$295 | 7 Weeks

Fridays 3-4:30 pm | April 26 - June 7
Saturdays 12-1:30 pm | April 27 - June 8



$295 | 7 Weeks

Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 pm
April 24 - June 5


$295 | 7 Weeks (+Accessories)
$175 | 4 Weeks (Backpack Only)

Fridays 4:30-6 | April 26 - June 7


$295.00 | 7 weeks

Mondays 3:00-4:30 pm | April 22 - June 3
Thursdays 5:00-6:30 pm | April 25 - June 6


$265.00 | 7 weeks

Tuesdays 5-6:30 pm
April 23 - June 4


$295 | 7 Weeks

Saturdays 3:30-5 pm
April 27 - June 8