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Real Fashion… Easy to learn… Garments that fit!

This innovative pattern collection was developed for teens and young adults (and young at heart!) by Susan Goldie at sewnow! fashion studio near San Francisco, California. The sewnow! team has trained thousands of kids and teens and has developed a powerful approach to sewing that goes beyond traditional home sewing instruction and jumps forward to teaching the commercial assembly techniques that make creating your own clothing fast and easy.

Tested and refined on thousands of students just like YOU, Fashion Kit’s instructions and techniques have proven to be a learning experience as unique as it is FUN!


Why we love it

Fashion Kit patterns are well thought out and easy to read. Fashion-forward designs are on-trend for the upcoming season keeping teen and young adult students engaged in the design process. What’s more? ...They fit!

FK provides an avenue to customize the designs for your own unique look. Each pattern comes with tips referred to as the “XYZ” (Xpress Yourself Zone) which help young designers think out of the box to create their own unique style. Pages with croquis for sketching your design, real fabric swatches for textile knowledge, a measurement guide and sizing chart with area to record your measurements, and clear, easy to follow video instructions all allow you to take your idea from sketch to finished garment with confidence!

The instructions are very thorough and are all digital. No need to watch 8 hours of video - you control the pace of the unique media format to dive deep or instantly skip techniques you know.

We have tablets in the studio for use during Fashion Club. Once you buy a FK pattern you can make the garment over and over again at home and you always have access to the digital instructions.


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