Fashion Club

In Fashion Club you have the skills, you are designer… You choose the patterns, the materials, and your schedule... We provide the work space, the equipment, and a skilled instructor for guidance.



What is Fashion Club

Fashion club is our new monthly membership program for intermediate and advanced seamsters age 11+ (or with instructor approval). Unlike structured FS200 level courses, Fashion Club is run like a “co-working” space where members can build collections…with guidance from skilled instructors.

Start anytime! Scheduled and drop-in times available. Bring your own fabric and trims or purchase them from our supply shop at a discount.

Why It Rocks!

Work at your own pace on fashion and accessory projects of your choice from our Fashion Kit library of patterns. Access digital instructions 24/7 so you can continue working on your projects at home.

Fashion Kit Patterns is a unique pattern line specially developed for teens and young adults. Styles are on trend. Patterns are easy to read. Modern digital instructions make the experience fun and accessible from anywhere. Read more about Fashion Kit here.

Is Fashion Club right for me?

Students who have built a solid foundation in 200 level courses, are able to work independently using studio equipment, and eager to get creative with their designs are a good match for Fashion Club.

If you are advanced enough to sew garments from a pattern on your own at home but you want the studio, tools, guidance, and friends to share the fun with then Fashion Club is for you!


Bounce ideas off your Fashion Club mates. Build community while you build your skills, wardrobe, portfolio, and self esteem!



How it Works



4 weeks = $125
Auto renews
Cancel anytime

12 weeks = $295
Does not auto renew
Save 20%



MONDAY 4:30-6:30pm
THURSDAY 5:00-7:00pm
SATURDAY 3:00-5:00pm

Drop-in to other FC times
No pre-registration required!



Select a pattern from the
Fashion Kit Library
$15 each

Bring your own materials - or -
Buy from our supply shop
*Gift Cards are available


Members have access to Fashion Club for up to 4 hours per week.
Attend anytime during the 2 hour period on your scheduled day.

*Days subject to change, check registration page for current information

The joy of dressing is an art.
— John Galliano