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Learn to sew and make real fashion! Beginner to intermediate sewing classes made for tweens + teens. Find creative ways to express your personal style with courses in garment sewing, fashion design, quilting, and accessories.


Why learn with us?

We use sewing patterns and teaching methods specifically developed for the studio learning environment. Learn professional industry techniques using on-trend patterns to elevate your sewing and your style. Discover the Fashion Kit curriculum, tested by hundreds of young sewists all across the country, just like you!


We provide…

Patterns with digital instructions to keep and use again

An array of premium fabrics, trims, and hardware to empower self expression and creativity

Modern, top quality, easy to use sewing machines PLUS sergers, coverhem machine, embroidery machine, hardware station with grommet press, and more…

A friendly, casual vibe (with tunes!)
- engaging instruction with a “don’t sweat the small stuff” encouraging attitude

Students in our Apprentice program learn garment sewing fundamentals and fashion design. Much like an apprenticeship, instruction exposes students to professional industry techniques and commercial patterns. Structured courses are project based and arranged by skill level. The only requirement is Intro to Fashion Sewing or equivalent. Once you have those foundation skills you can take any apprentice course keeping in mind the higher skill levels are more challenging. If you would like a recommendation we can help!

A1 - Learn to sew. No experience necessary. Prerequisite for all other apprentice courses.

A2 - Knit and woven garments without too many steps

A3 - More complex garments and accessories like outerwear, trousers, woven shirts and dresses, backpacks with hardware

A4 - Intermediate/Advanced specialty courses like Halloween costumes, party dresses, lined outwear

An instructor takes the class step by step through each project introducing key skills and concepts then allowing time to complete the steps and practice skills before moving on.

Each student receives:
Patterns with digital instructions to use again and again
A designated work station with a sewing machine, tools, notions, and cutting area

Advanced students with foundation sewing skills, are proficient on the serger, and who are confident using patterns and instructions on their own are welcome to join Fashion Club, our monthly membership program.

Skills Covered

  • Basic sewing machine usage + safety, as well as hand sewing where appropriate.

  • Proficiency in using the serger.

  • Measuring the body and altering garments for fit.

  • Following commercial sewing patterns and instructions

  • Fostering independence, proficiency, and confidence in machine sewing and project construction.

  • Creativity in project design.


Sewing With Knits (A1)

Stretch the limits of your sewing skills with this class focused on knits! Knits (or stretchy fabric) occupy a significant portion of our wardrobe and require an additional set of skills to work with. Learn what they are, how to work with them, and how to use the machines that will give you a professional finish.

Sewing With Knits is ideal for students who have taken Intro to Fashion Sewing and are transitioning to higher level courses or for those who love comfy clothes! Projects reinforce how to use the sewing and serger machines. During class you will make the FashionKit (FK) leggings, FK Long Sleeve Tee and FK High Low Top


- Premium textiles, notions and materials.
- 3 Fashion Kit patterns with digital instructions to keep.
- Dedicated sewing station and cutting space.