$325.00* | 6 WEEKS

THURSDAYS 7:00-9:00PM MAR 7, 14, 21, 28, APR 4, 11
(*Price DOES NOT include fabric, DOES include patterns)
Ages 16+ | Instructor: TBD


Wovens vs Knits…what’s the 411?

Think button down shirt vs t-shirt. It’s all about the stretch! Most new stitchers start with woven fabrics because they have no stretch, are easy to cut, and flow through the machine nicely. But in reality at least half the clothes we wear are made of some sort of knit fabric. If you’ve had fun making bags and aprons but what you really want is to make your own leggings, this course is a game changer!

The good news is working with knits is easy if you understand some basics of fabric properties and some tricks to adjust your cutting and sewing to suit those fabric properties. After completing this course you will be able to make your own leggings, t-shirts, knit dresses, tank tops, and anything else you can think of using knit fabric (an incredibly satisfying experience!)

In this course we teach you:

  • The various types of knits available and where to get them

  • How to measure yourself and adjust your pattern

  • How to properly lay out and cut knit fabric

  • How to use the serger! (Be prepared to have your mind blown)

  • How to sew knits even without a serger

  • Introduction to the coverhem machine

    ….and more!

PROJECTS - Fashion Kit: Leggings, Fashion Kit: Breezy Tee, Tilly and the Buttons: Agnes Jersey Top * Patterns are included in the price of the course ($45 value). You keep those and any alterations you have made so you can use them again and again!

FABRIC - Fabric is not included with the course. Once registered you receive a shopping list and resources of where to purchase locally or order online. We have a limited selection of knit fabric for sale in the studio for between $12 and $18/yd. Feel free to call ahead.

SKILL LEVEL 2/4 - This class is for seamsters who know how to use a sewing machine but haven’t worked much with knits. You don’t have to be a tailor, you just need to be able to keep an even seam allowance and thread your own machine, you should have a few simple projects under your belt and familiarity with using patterns is a plus but not required. If you are completely new to machine sewing we recommend you take our Adult Beginner Sewing Bootcamp first.