We teach sewing!

That’s all we do…and we love it! We show you how easy it is to get started then give you lots of room to grow with different areas of study like quilting, fashion, embroidery, and more. Lots of fun for ALL ages!

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Youth Program

She loved everything about it and can’t wait to do it again!
— Emily

adult program

Nyla is both full of knowledge and adept at sharing it. After one session I feel that I have the basic tools to practice independently. I look forward to taking her home decor bootcamp. Thx!!
— BJ

Why sewing?

The first thing I thought when walking in was what an incredibly inviting space! This was my daughters first sewing class ever and she wasnt sure.. only to leave with an extremely positive learning experience and a super cute owl pillow! She is now very much looking forward to going back and learning more!! Thank you!!
— Leslie

Work with your hands
Learn a new skill
Express yourself
Make cool stuff
Make your own clothes
Copy your favorites
Empower yourself
Open career opportunities
Gift giving bragging rights
Grandma would appreciate it
but Modern quilting is cool
Save money on home decor
Quality craft time with your kids
Essential breaks from your kids
Make new friends
Reconnect with old ones
It’s crazy fun!!!
Pairs well with Pinot Noir
Everyone else is doing it
Seamsters Local is your clubhouse




I loved this place, very very cute place, great teachers and nice equipment.
— Stacy

Fresh, modern projects
Curated collection of patterns
…from all over the world
All the tools and machines at your fingertips
Skilled, patient, enthusiastic instructors
We value evey persons experience
And we LOVE sharing our craft
Kids feel at home and encouraged here
Adults get to feel like kids again
S.T.E.A.M. (We believe sewing has it all)
If you can’t get to us we come to you
Find out if we are in your school!
Friendly, warm, inspiring environment
Our studio is just plain fun to hang out in!


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